Surgery for Uterus/Endometrium

Early Stage Endometrial Cancer


Tumour confined to pelvic area

Approach: Preferred is key hole surgery(laparoscopy/robotic)


A.      Low risk


B.      High risk


TAH + BSO/Radical Hysterectomy if required


Low risk

PLUS formal pelvic node dissection



Consider upper abdominal staging (clear cell and papillary serous)


?node sampling


Consider radical hysterectomy (cervix)


 Late stage Endometrial Cancer


Tumour (probably) not confined to pelvic area / uterus and adnexae


Tumour debulking as for ovarian cancer

Maximum information for logical adjuvant treatment


Pelvic clearance:

~always possible

Includes removal of pelvic nodes – normal and involved

Upper abdominal staging / debulking:


Visible disease

Para-aortic nodes

 Surgery Not  indicated for:

Advanced Parametrial (paracervical) disease

Metastatic disease (outside abdomen )